Why YOU Need a Domain Name… Now!

Having your own domain name for your business is vital, even if you don’t have a website yet!


The online name you want could be taken soon… let Cuppa Web Marketing help you register your perfect domain name now!

A domain name can point almost anywhere! To your Website, your Facebook, your Instagram, your Blog, or almost anywhere you have an online presence and can be changed at any time to point somewhere else as your business grows and your online presence changes.


  • It’s very professional, and actually essential
  • It is excellent for branding and marketing
  • Great for search engines
  • You can have your own personalised redirected email address, for example: you@yourname.com can redirect email to your.own.name@gmail.com


www.SimiHoneyFashion.com points to a WordPress website

www.McCullyWorkshop.co.za points to a WordPress website

www.VinylJunkie.co.za points to a Facebook Page

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People are searching for businesses just like yours... are they finding you?

You need an online presence for your business

People are searching for businesses just like yours... are they finding you?
People are searching for businesses just like yours… are they finding you?

You need an online presence for your business, no matter how small.

People need to Find You, Trust You and Talk To You.

Finding you and Trusting you is called Marketing and Talking to you is called Sales.

We have now just saved you 3 years of study at University.

Yes, it is that simple.

For this you need not just only a website, but a web presence … but you need to get started!

We love building presences online and have been doing it since 1997.

Yes, really!

Let Cuppa Web Marketing help you with your online presence.

Online Marketing Made Easy: Fish Where The Fish Are Biting


Marketing your business or services online means being visible where your potential clients and customers are spending their time.

Facebook, as just one example, is very popular and it is essential to have a presence there, and also to be engaged on a regular basis.

Industry-specific Social Media Platforms

However there are many places that are specific to your industry and you need to find those places and engage there as well.

Tour guides, for example, should be creating profiles on:

Find the places that you would use to find a business or service like yours, and then create profiles and engage there.

Widget Embedding

Many of these type of industry-specific platforms allow the embedding of widgets on your website that will go directly to your profile. See the Guide Me Cape Tours Trip Advisor French Widget embedded on the right-hand sidebar of their WordPress website, for example.

Google My Business

Millions of people use Google everyday so having a Google My Business listing is also very important. And it’s free!

Cuppa Web can help you make the most of all the Social Media tools that are available.

Create Your OWN Online Presence Hands-On Workshop, presented by Brian Currin

4 Key Steps To Growing Your Online Social Media Assets | jeffbullas.com

Some basic rules that you need to know

  • Google likes fresh up to date data over old news
  • Google likes well known social media websites with lots of traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare and Flickr
  • Google likes Blogs because they have the promise of  fresh up to date data that continues to make Google relevant
  • Google now likes “RealTime” data  and Twitter is in this frame now

From http://www.jeffbullas.com/2011/02/01/4-key-steps-to-growing-your-online-social-media-assets/

The Crimson Chrysalis Project: a step-by-step guide

Rene vd Berg contacted me earlier this year, to help her establish an online presence for  her new musical project Crimson Chrysalis.

Crimson Chrysalis

Here are the steps we took to develop her online presence. Not necessarily in exact order, and one or two items may have been left off, but this will give you a general idea of the type of things to focus on.

Registered http://crimsonchrysalis.com

Registered a Free WordPress.com Blog for blogging and as a website.

Redirected http://crimsonchrysalis.com to the WordPress Blog.

Made modifications to WordPress Theme to improve look-and-feel.

Hands-on training session on how to Blog.

Set up Gmail account.

Created info@crimsonchrysalis.com email address and set it to forward to the Gmail address.

Set up Twitter profile for news broadcasting.

Set up Facebook Brand Page for regular news and fan engagement.

Set up Soundcloud profile for music streaming. Added Soundcloud Tracks tab on Facebook Page

Set up YouTube profile for videos.

Set up Fanbridge profile for email newsletters.

Syndicated profiles to update each other as far as possible.

For example a post to the blog is sent from Rene’s Blackberry. It appears on her blog website, it gets tweeted and also appears on her Facebook wall, all automatically.

Status updates on her Facebook wall will also automatically get tweeted, and her Twitter feed is embedded on the sidebar of her Blog website.

Added 6 track EP to Rhythm Music Store for digital music sales.

Added Vote page to Blog website so fans could vote on which song they would like to see as a video.

Encouraged Rene to post to her blog  regularly to help her build her fan base and keep them informed of her activities.

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