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Online Marketing Made Easy: Fish Where The Fish Are Biting


Marketing your business or services online means being visible where your potential clients and customers are spending their time.

Facebook, as just one example, is very popular and it is essential to have a presence there, and also to be engaged on a regular basis.

Industry-specific Social Media Platforms

However there are many places that are specific to your industry and you need to find those places and engage there as well.

Tour guides, for example, should be creating profiles on:

Find the places that you would use to find a business or service like yours, and then create profiles and engage there.

Widget Embedding

Many of these type of industry-specific platforms allow the embedding of widgets on your website that will go directly to your profile. See the Guide Me Cape Tours Trip Advisor French Widget embedded on the right-hand sidebar of their WordPress website, for example.

Google My Business

Millions of people use Google everyday so having a Google My Business listing is also very important. And it’s free!

Cuppa Web can help you make the most of all the Social Media tools that are available.

Create Your OWN Online Presence Hands-On Workshop, presented by Brian Currin