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Why YOU Need a Domain Name… Now!

Having your own domain name for your business is vital, even if you don’t have a website yet!


The online name you want could be taken soon… let Cuppa Web Marketing help you register your perfect domain name now!

A domain name can point almost anywhere! To your Website, your Facebook, your Instagram, your Blog, or almost anywhere you have an online presence and can be changed at any time to point somewhere else as your business grows and your online presence changes.


  • It’s very professional, and actually essential
  • It is excellent for branding and marketing
  • Great for search engines
  • You can have your own personalised redirected email address, for example: you@yourname.com can redirect email to your.own.name@gmail.com


www.SimiHoneyFashion.com points to a WordPress website

www.McCullyWorkshop.co.za points to a WordPress website

www.VinylJunkie.co.za points to a Facebook Page

Please contact Michelle on michelle@cuppadaisies.com or WhatsApp or use this form.

The Virtual Braai – Social Media explained … very simply

Cuppa Daisies

SMM.jpegTwitter and Instagram  are like those newspaper headlines that you see on lampposts. Just a quick bit of news to encourage you to investigate more. Minute-by-minute information of what is happening right now.

Facebook is like a newspaper that you buy and scan through, picking out the interesting bits and throwing the rest away. Day-by-day information of what is happening in your world.

A Blog is like a magazine, that you read more thoroughly, and perhaps even keep for future reference.

A Website is like a coffee table book with lots of detailed information on a subject you are really interested in.

And all of this is so we can stand around our Virtual Braai and discuss topics that are close to our hearts.

Cuppa Web can help you make the most of all the Social Media tools that are available.

Create Your OWN Online Presence Hands-On Workshop

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You need a website

People need to Find You and Talk To You.

Finding you is called Marketing and talking to you is called Sales.

I have now just saved you 3 years of study at University.

Yes, it is that simple.

For this you need not just a website, but a web presence … but a website is a very good place to start.

I love building websites and have been doing it since 1997.

Let me help you with yours.

See more at: http://blog.briancurrin.com/portfolio/

The Yoga Factor

Website created for Darden Lotz.

Darden wanted to be able to update information herself, and also to be add her own images.

“Many thanks to Michael Joubert for suggesting the master of wordpress, Brian Currin I still have everything to learn, but it’s SOOOOO cool to have the power and control to change your own website from home. Beautiful…. Everyone should have do it this way”.
– Darden, on her Facebook profile, April 2012

WordPress.com is the perfect solution for people who want do their own updates.

The Yoga Factor
The Yoga Factor

Fashion Cape Town

An example of what can be done for Fashion people.

Photographers, Models, Designers and more, can all benefit from showcasing their portfolios.

WordPress.com is the perfect solution for people who need to visually showcase their work.

Fashion Cape Town
Fashion Cape Town

Sharky Holiday Home

WordPress.com is perfect if you need to embed a Google Map.

It is also great for creating Contact Forms, where all the information you require is sent to you via email without revealing your email address.

Sharky Holiday Home
Sharky Holiday Home

Sharky Holiday Home
Sharky Holiday Home