Using to create a Mobile Presence

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It is becoming more and more important to optimize your website for mobile.

The Smartphone is transforming communication and publishing.

490 million smartphones sold in 2011. – Jeff Bullas

When a visitor browses to your blog website using a mobile device, will show special themes designed to work on small screens focusing on fast load times.

Some themes are mobile-ready, also called “responsive width”, that adapt themselves to the device of the user.

However all themes are already mobile-friendly by default. The Minileven theme (a modification of Twenty Eleven) is displayed on modern mobile devices.

Users using older mobile devices  will see a version of the WordPress Mobile Edition theme. also provides a special theme called Onswipe for the iPad.

So by using your website is already mobile-ready without you having to  do anything.

Just another great reason why you should be using for building your Web Presence.

Sources: Mobile Themes vs

3 Steps To Success With Digital Marketing – Jeff Bullas

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