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The sister-and-brother team, Michelle Longman and Brian Currincan help you create a cost effective online presence, that can expand as your business grows.  And it boils down to three easy steps: Find You, Trust You and Talk To You.

What this means, is that you need an Online Presence, and we at Cuppa Web can help you!

Find You, Trust You, Talk To You

Your customers and clients need to Find You, Trust You and Talk To You.

sales and marketingFinding you and Trusting You is known as Marketing.
to you is Sales.
You have now just saved three years of University studies!  Yes, it is that simple.

Find You

Domain Name:
The very first and most important step is to register a domain name.  Although this is just a name (and not an actual website) it is the key start of your web presence.  Domain names can point to anywhere e.g. a Facebook Page or even an Instagram account. With a domain name, one can also have an email redirect to an existing email address.  

It is important to create a business Facebook Page rather than using your personal profile. This way, your product photos will not get lost in the mix of your family snapshots and favourite memes.

Although a website is not the be-all-and-end-all of an online presence, it does add credibility and variety to your presence and we can create this site for you, using a free WordPress account (free means no cost for the use of the software and web hosting, but also means some limitations with regards to themes, fonts, adverts, etc.). Selected cost-effective upgrades are available, however, to remove adverts, for example.

Trust You

Sharing stories and photos to Facebook helps build up trust and credibility and clients help you with this process by tagging you in their posts and providing recommendations.  It’s a no-brainer!

Google My Business
Google provides a free platform on their Google search results page which can show your Google Map location, operating hours and more. 

Regular activity is important and can be achieved by embedding Facebook and other apps into the website.  Blogging is also a very effective way to ensure clients and potential clients trust and believe in you.

WordPress offers users the opportunity to embed the following items on a side bar; and some of these can also be set to update automatically:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • … and more …

Talk to You

To ensure that potential clients talk to you, we can assist with Facebook ads, at a cost that suits YOUR budget.  

AND ..  to keep clients talking to you, we can train you on how to manage your web presence entirely on your own and/or we can provide continuity for you (using content supplied by you) by providing ad hoc or retainer services.

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